Why does processing sometimes take so long?

Most often we try to keep a wide variety of prints and lace/elastic options available, but if we have to bring in a print or custom make a garment it can take up to 8 weeks for processing.


How is the printing of the fabrics done?

All of the printing is done by Spoonflower,they use water-based inks on a variety of fabrics including cotton knits,polyesters and cotton/silk blends. When we need a fabric printed, we tell them which print we want on which fabric. The printing process can take up to 10-12 days before shipping depending on how busy they are.


What happens after my order is placed?

When an order comes in we look to see if we have the proper materials or if we have to order them.  When we have all of the materials, the order goes into processing to be cut, sewn together and finished. Once it's finished,it goes to be shipped, where we check it once more to make extra sure that it's accurate.


Status Meanings

  • Complete: Means that the order has been placed with payment having been received and an invoice has been sent.
  • Pending: We are gathering more details about the order before we start processing.
  • Processing: The printing of the fabric, making of the garment: cutting, sewing and finishing.
  • Processed: The order has been made, packed up,and is waiting to be shipped.
  • Shipped: The order is on its way!


If all of the products are handmade, why does it say that certain ones are out-of-stock?

Items will appear as out-of-stock if we've reached the maximum number we can produce in a reasonable time, or if we are running out of materials for that product.


If a product is out-of-stock, will it be available again?

Yes, if the product or material is still listed on the site it will be available again. If the product or material is no longer listed on the site, it is no longer available and won't be in the future.


What if I send a message but don't hear back?

Sometimes we get very busy with orders and can't always respond right away (especially if we are short-handed). We make sure to check all messages related to an order before it gets shipped, so even if you have last minute concerns we can address them.


Why can't I get tracking on basic shipping?

The least expensive shipping method available to us is Canada Post, and they only offer tracking on Over-sized Letter mail if the recipient is in Canada. Otherwise tracking costs at least $16 more.


What happens if my order gets lost in the mail?

Please see our Shop Policies for information on lost orders or returns and exchanges.